Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet Oreo


Y’all know I don’t like cats. Hubs doesn’t either. But Griffin LOVES cats. And sometimes parents have to give a little.

So we did.

20120522_181920 I think little kitty cats are so cute and cuddley but we all know they grow up to be grown up cats. And grown up cats are snitches!

20120523_071732 It is NOT staying inside. EVER. Been there done that TWICE and I will NEVER have a cat inside again! The end.

This all started yesterday just after lunch. My Mom came by the office and I glanced up from my desk to see her walking in with something wrapped up in a sweatshirt. It’s 975 degrees. All she said was, “one of y’all gotta take this.” And then there was a little meow followed by “awww”, followed by “Al’s taking it”! But Brad said “no”. Earlier in the day I had been thinking about how we’d promised Griffin when we moved we would get him another cat once we got settled. Well we’re settled and out of excuses! ha!

So, we took the cat. And the chill-ren were very surprised and happy.

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