Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shark Tooth Creek

On Monday I went with my little buddy Peyton and his class to the Shark Tooth Creek! We had so much fun! Mr. Ken, the owner, is SO awesome with children!

We started out on the Shark Tooth Express and rode deep into the woods. Then we had a short hike to the creek. It is crazy how many shark teeth are down there! But when you think of it, sharks can have up to ten thousand teeth in a lifetime so it’s really not crazy at how many there were when you think of it that way! That was your science lesson for the day. You’re welcome!

DSC_0281(AND you’re welcome for THAT too. It was free! HA HA) DSC_0282



Mrs. P’s class!DSC_0295

Forgive us for looking rough, we were in the woods for a while!DSC_0297

Counting teeth…DSC_0298

This was a just a small part of the property! It was gorgeous!DSC_0299 DSC_0300


My cousin’s little girl found the most teeth!DSC_0304

Ok, Mr. Ken gets the award for the BEST playhouse/fort EVA! It was complete with a 150 foot zip line AND a water slide!DSC_0309


Mr. Ken needed the kids’ help waking the security guard…DSC_0314




Bhahaha! Their faces were priceless!!! If you look close at the last picture you will see my child, the cop’s kid, still standing there NOT scared AT ALL.

I had so much fun with my little guy!

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