Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun Weekend!

Josh and I had so much fun this weekend at the beach! It was super packed because of the Hangout Music Festival. All the people being there wasn’t really that big of a deal because we weren’t really around where they were! They all stayed pretty much around the festival so the restaurants that we ate at were not crowded and the beach wasn’t too bad either!

We only took a couple of pictures on our anniversary and then we ditched the camera for the rest of the weekend! Rebels I tell ya! haha!DSC_0344


We did a lot of eating, hanging out on the beach and shopping. :) Fun times.

We love being kid free for a few days but a couple of days away is really all we can handle! We missed them so much! Oh, and there was lots of baby talk. :) We’re both ready to get this show on the road and complete our little family! ;)


Lindsay said...

OMG baby time! Woo hoo!

April said...

YAY!! I'm so excited!