Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I thought I would share some of my recent pins! Since some of y’all have not signed up for pinterest yet! GASP! All of these images came from Pinterest but I can’t direct link right now because my pins can’t be fetched at this time! :)
This is one of my new favs! Can’t wait to replicate this! I can NEVER find a cute garden flag with a “C”! Burlap Garden Flag
Right now I’m loving some ruffly (that so IS a word!) curtains! Just got to figure out how to make them! OH wait, pinterest has a tutorial! Yeehaw!!make curtains using twin sheets.
Out of (2) $4 sheets! Simply LOVE! .
ruffle pleated curtains tutorial
I think this would be perfect for down by the coop! We sit down there alot watching the chickens peck the ground. And eat my flowers. :)swing http://media-cache2.pinterest.com/upload/178736678931411537_yxXE6ha2_f.jpg mccollandlucy exterior and landscaping ideas
I’ve been itching to redo the kids’ rooms. I like these ideas for the boys’ rooms…
What a cool idea for a boy's room!love the green with navy stripes.
And these colors and lamp for Reece’s room…reece
My husband is probably cringing reading this post! Sorry Babe! :)
I also want to redo the laundry room! There’s LOTS of shelf space and storage in there, which I love, but I think we need real cabinets in there! You know, to hide the crap! haha!laundry room
I feel like if the laundry room is cuter, maybe I’ll not mind spending so much time in there! :) It also doubles as Daisy and Chippie’s bedroom so maybe I should give them some say! I think they’ll be good with the blue!
I guess that’s enough sharing for today, but I will be back to share some of my favorite Pinterest recipes soon! I have a Fatty Fatty 2x4 Board and a Healthy board! :)

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