Friday, May 25, 2012

Four Year Check Up

Reece and I just went to her four year well check up! Her doctor waits until the spring to do check ups if your birthday is in the winter(once you aren’t a baby, of course!).

Of course she passed all the tests with flying colors and got the kid of the day award from her doc! :) She is in the 98th percentile on her height. So she’ll be taller than me along with the boys! She got her finger pricked…she didn’t flinch and watched the whole thing! Then she had to get FOUR shots. She didn’t flinch or cry for those either! Big girl!20120525_114104 Before shots… 20120525_121500After shots…boo. That hurt a little!20120525_122753 ANNNNNDDDDDD The cure for all evil shots…20120525_124413 SUMMER SNOW!!! And a happy meal!! :)

Yes I made part of that outfit. No, I still don’t know how to sew! ha!

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