Monday, January 25, 2010

Weight Loss Update!

I said that I would keep everyone updated with Hubby's weight loss and apparently I'm a bad wife because I haven't! I'm very proud to say that he has lost 47 pounds as of right now!


Like, really!

He and Allison are staying right on track with each other's weight loss/gain! It's pretty comical actually!

No, I'm still not on the bandwagon with him. I just haven't been able to give up my fried pickles just yet. But I have cut out on my sugary drinks...Mt Dew mainly. I've had only one a day for about a week now! That's fantastic for me!

I was going to post the pics from Peyton's party but I left my camera card at home! So, maybe tomorrow!

Oh and please say a little prayer for Gigi! She has TWO kidney stones! GAH! Go big or go home, right?!?!?! I think she goes back to the doctor today to find out when they are going to go get 'em!

xoxo and I'm still waitin' on my nephew!

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Beverly said...

That is awesome!!! Tell him congrats!! And that is hilarious that Allison is gaining everything he's losing!