Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Last week...

Last week was a week! So busy, so stressful! As you read from my post last Monday, that's how it all started off! The next day I almost had to use my new trusty taser gun thingamagig on an irrate tenant that was in our office yelling and screaming to the top of her lungs at my pregnant sister. I don't play! Thankfully our office is directly across the street from the police department :) so that doesn't happen often!


The next day we had a set out...and let me just give you a little schpill before you go thinking we're mean landlords! This particular tenant moved in last summer when we were running a move-in special...he had to pay a deposit and his first month's rent was free. So, once he was approved, he paid his deposit and moved in. Then two months go by and he doesn't pay anything.....finally we got a check from him. It bounced. We turned it over to the District Attorney. Then he pays no more rent and we ended up having to file an eviction...and AND AND..we try everything in our power to not file evictions on people. I'm talking chance after chance after chance! So now if you haven't read about it go to the sister's blog.

xoxo and I'm ready for my new nephew

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