Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bachelor

You know I'm watching! Can you believe I've kept my mouth shut all season so far?! Well, that's over. I just needed time to think and decide about these girls. So, here's my take on the remaining chics...

Well, wait...first of all let's make sure we all know that Jakey Poo ain't playing! I seriously wondered if there were going to be any girls left while I was watching last night! ha!


Gia-Ummm...didn't like her at first, but now I've decided that she may be one of the only sane ones left!

Tenley-Love her. So does Jake.

Corrie-Ummmm..don't know. She won't talk to us or Jake.

Ali-Loved her until she went all coo coo for cocoa puffs on us! What happened?! I still like her kinda sorta.

And then there's Vienna. Ugh. Me no likey. Haven't liked her since she stepped foot out of the limo. Hubs thinks she's hot! What's wrong with him?!?! That's gross!

xoxo and still waitin' on my favorite nephew!


Cherry Berry said...

I missed it last night. I guess I need to get on ABC.com and watch it! haha

Beverly said...

I so have to catch up!! Been too busy to watch! Why is it we always swear we'll never watch it again but ALWAYS come back to it?!

Heather said...

Vienna - Hot???? ewww! I think she's nasty... She just seems so fake - the horrrible bleached out hair, and even her teeth look fake - is it just me?

April said...

No, I think she's very nasty! I don't know what he thinks is cute! ha!