Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sisters and Momma Claws

Most of you have probably figured out by now that Allison and I are pretty close, thick as theives! We're together almost as much as we are with our husbands! So, you mess with her, you mess with me and my momma claws will come out to play.

I got into a little tiff with someone on facebook. Someone made the comment on Al's facebook page that "Noah will be here when he's ready." or some crap like that.(It was actually Brad's aunt...that he NEVER sees or talks to and Allison met her ONCE at their wedding so that doesn't even count!) Now, if you have children of your own, you totally understand that when you get to about 36 weeks pregnant you hit an undescribable miserable stage. Everything hurts. You pee 967 times a day. You can't sleep. You can't eat. You can't walk. You are swollen. I could go on and on!(Not that it's not TOTALLY worth it! It's just difficult for a minute!)The last thing you want to hear is "he'll be here when he gets here". Hell yes, he'll be here when he gets here. DUH!

When this person put that on her page, she huffed a little like pregnant girls do. Now, normally, in her not pregnant state, the sister would take care of dumb comments on her on. But she's not normal right now and that's where me and momma claws come in! And so I commented on there, not really even to the lady but more to keep anyone else from saying the same thing! And all I said was, "Of course he will be here when he's ready. But don't you remember being 38 weeks pregnant?!?"

And then all hell broke loose!

Apparently I hit a nerve somehow and she kinda went off on me telling me that I needed to lighten up(?), that I was mean and all kinds of other crap. So I said back to her that I wasn't being mean, I was just taking up for my sister who is sick of hearing crap like that! (AND she is SO tired of it!) So she barked back all kinds of ugly things including telling me that it was none of my business! ha! What a moron! None of my business?!?! You're getting on my pregnant sister's nerves! How is it not my business? So I just politely deleted everything that I had said and didn't say anything back.

Be the bigger person. Be the bigger person. Be the bigger person.

Had to tell myself that for the rest of the day!

xoxo and is he EVER gonna get here? Oh yea, he'll be here when he's ready, I forgot!

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Beverly said...

oh man!! Poor Allison has had ALOT of crappy things said to her her entire pregnancy!! I really hope once he's here they won't continue!! I'm proud of you for being the bigger man!! That's hard to do!!!