Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Confused!

Every. Single. Time. that I post something on my facebook status that says anything about a surprise or anything remotely leaning towards anything baby, everyone automatically assumes we're pregnant. Like in November when we got a new tv and computer my status said that "Santa visited Josh and April early this year." EVERYBODY AND their brother thought we were pregnant! ha! Then yesterday when Allison had to visit the hospital my status said "does not like false alarms." Then once again it's mentioned. I don't get it.....I really don't get it! We've had three children in 7 years. That's nothing. I guess this day and age people are just not having many kids and three sounds like alot?!? That's weird too because I can name several of my close friends who want 4 just like we do! hmmmm..

I don't know. We do have a plan though! It'll be a while if all goes according to our plan. But we all know it's not really OUR plan anyway, right?!



Juliana said...

You should post something just to fool everyone just hint but not hinting and maybe they will finally leave you be

Cherry Berry said...

The people on FB that know you should know that Allison is pregnant and when you refer to something about pregnancy (like the false alarm), that is is probably about HER! LOL. Craziness! And I also want at least 3 children. I don't think it's "too many".

Anonymous said...

sorry apes just trying to get a rise outta ya on fb don't stab me with a no.2 pencil, please LOL

April said...

Ha! It's not just you Jub! It's everybody! LOL!