Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It was a happy new year...

I promise a Christmas post soon! :) But first I wanted to share a little sad story.

First of all, after I posted that post about being sick and feeling better I got sick AGAIN! I had that mess for three entire days! I was still sick New Year's Eve day, but I wasn't about to let that spoil our date that night! I was determined that I was not going to be sick! I finally started feeling better right after we dropped the kids off at Mimi and Pop's for the night. We headed to a friend's house on the river(same place as last year) for the night. Several of our neighbors went again this year, some of them are friends from high school! I love hanging with all of them, wish we could do it more! We had a really great time and the fireworks were fantastic just like last year!

I heart date night! :)

We tried really hard to sleep in the next morning. I only made it until 8:30, Josh made it until 9:00. ha! We're old! We hung out for a while and then headed to get our babies! And then we hung with them the rest of the day....playing RockBand 2 and watching football!

Later that day, around 7:30, Josh's cell phone rang. It was one of our neighbors and I could hear him talking really load and panic in his voice. I saw my husband switch from Daddy/Hubby mode to police officer mode while still on the phone! As soon as he hung up the phone he started throwing clothes on and ran out the door. As he was doing so he managed to tell me that someone was going into shock or something around the corner from our house and he had to go! It was about 10 minutes later before I heard the ambulance. I don't know WHAT took so long! About 20 minutes or so went by and Josh got back. As soon as I saw his face I knew something was not good. He looked at me and said, "I'm pretty sure that guy just died. 26 years old."

My heart sank. I couldn't believe it! This person was standing in our driveway like three days ago and now he's dead. ugh. About 30 minutes later we got a phone call that confirmed that he had died.

All we know is that he had been out drinking the night before with his fiancée and they got home at like 4 that morning. He didn't feel well that day and had trouble breathing in the afternoon. Around 7:00 or so he started having trouble breathing again and his fiancée was going to take him to the hospital. He got in the car and started to seize or passed out or something. Their neighbors pulled him out of the car, someone called 911 and someone called Josh. By the time hubs got there they had him on the ground laying on his side. There was fluid draining out of his mouth. No one had attempted CPR so Josh got that started and did it until the ambulance arrived. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

I'm telling you what, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT'S YOUR TIME! You better be living right, and you better be loving your family every. single. day.


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