Thursday, January 7, 2010

Commit to Dominate the Competition!

That's what Coach Saban said to do....

And that's just what our BAMA BOYS did! Roll Tide!

The game started out way too shaky for my comfort. I think I experienced every emotion you can during that game....I screamed at the TV and had a sore throat by the end of the first quarter, I yelled and even cursed at the TV, I jumped up and down, bit all of my nails off, had a nervous twitch and I'm pretty sure I may have peed in my pants a little! ha!

Whatever. We won our 13th NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

Oh and I cried like a baby when it was all over! Those boys worked so hard for this, they deserve it!

Can you tell I love the Tide?!



Beverly said...

Somehow I knew you would post about the Tide this morning!!! They deserve it! Roll Freaking Tide!!! Even Bud was glad they won!

April said...

Yes, honey! I posted at 11:30 last night! :)