Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twitter my tweet

Do you tweet? Apparently I do! I signed up so I could get MckMama's tweets and keep up with Stellan and people started following me. Then, I thought, "This must be fun." So, if you know me in real life you should be able to find me on there by my first and last name. If you don't, you may remember our last name from the old blog. I'm too scared to post it again! I'm still figuring out how twitter works so bare with me!

And, speaking of scared, while we were out of town there was some action around our hood! Actually it was out of our neighborhood, down the street and around the corner....but too close for comfort! Two men beat a man to death and then drove him a mile or so to the closest McDonald's, put the naked, dead man in the driver's seat of a car and left him there. Apparently no one noticed for several days, until the smell came. G-R-O-S-S!!!!!!!! He had been there for three days! Can you imagine finding THAT?

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