Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Beachy!

~~Warning...pic heavy post!~~

This weekend was tons of fun! We went down to the beach Thursday night and stayed until yesterday afternoon. We were taking down furniture with us that Allison and I had bought here in town for the house and hoping the weather would be beautiful for our first family beach trip of FIVE! We left around 7 7:23 Peyton yells from the back, "Mom and Dad, are we there yet?" We laughed hysterically! It started raining about half way there....not just sprinkling...heavy, heavy rain...and it rained the rest of the way down. It stormed all night and you got it, all day Friday! We managed to get the furniture in during a break in the rain and Josh spent a few hours putting things together. Baby girl fell off of the chaise lounge and really freaked my freak. Bumps and bruises rarely bother me at this point, but that one looked funny. Of course, she was fine. We went to get a closer look at the beach and there was a red flag and a purple flag. We all know what red means, but purple? Dangerous marine life present. Oh crap! We think it was just because of all the dead jelly fish on the beach..but they were strange looking and there were TONS of them! Saturday was gorgeous! We played on the beach most of the day. Baby girl LOVES the beach! Not that we were worried about that as much as we love it! She found a new snack that she loves to eat....sand! We could not get her to stop eating it! The boys had tons of fun in the water and building a sand castle with Daddy. Sunday was gorgeous! I don't think it has ever been that hard for me to leave! I had my favorite people, it was a gorgeous sunny day, it was the, I'm a lucky girl!

I love this one!

The first time her feet hit the sand...

Sometimes I convince myself that she looks a little bit like me and then I see this....

One of the 5 million

Feeding the vulchers....

Fun pic of my tat that the hubby took. Proof positve that it needs to be touched up...cringe!

We seem to have a lot like these!!

Please continue to pray for baby Stellan.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i love the pics! your family is so beautiful. and i love baby girls bikini!!

South Family said...

Your kids are so adorable! Your little girl is beautiful! I love her hair in the bikini pic... SASSY!!