Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Rude!

You've been warned...this post is rude. I have a headache and people are on my nerves.

Dear Mommy of twins that go to the same daycare as my children,

You REALLY get on my nerves! REALLY. You don't let parents get by you as you stand IN the gate leading to the playground, no matter how many times they say "excuse me". You won't move your big ass double wide stroller that your 2 year olds shouldn't even still be riding in out of the way in the halls as parents try to get by you even though they say "excuse me" to the top of their lungs. Are you deaf or just annoying the hell out of everyone? I could see past all of this until the other day, when you ran my sweet princess over with your BAS(big ass stroller) and then you wouldn't move your butt out of the way so she could even get up. THEN, you push at her with the damn thing. Let me tell better be glad I didn't let the momma tiger out of me that day and kick your tail in the church. I know that Jesus would totally understand my doing so. That was your only chance. Next time, you will hear mean words from me. Yesterday was the kicker of it all! You know, when you parked in the middle of 12th freakin' Ave. and put your flashers on and went inside to get your twins. If you hadn't noticed, 12th Ave. is being used to detour Bryant Drive traffic around the stadium(you know, where football is played) and is VERY busy right now. You should know that I told the cop you deserved a ticket. It pays to have a cop for a hubby, let me tell ya. I hope you got the ticket you deserved. Now, stay the hell out of everyones way!


Tiger Mom

Disclaimer: I have NOTHING against twins! There are twins in my family and one of my mom's good friends has TWO sets of twins. It's the lady on my nerves, not the babies!

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