Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trial Run

Josh and I met with G-Man's doctor again today and we decided to go through with the trial run on the ADHD medication. Please keep your fingers, toes and everything else you have crossed that this works! We REALLY need it to! And we really need it to not make him have tics! If he starts having tics on the medication and they are "bad ones" then we can try another medication, but it's likely that it won't work either.

Now for a vent. While we were meeting with the doctor I heard my cell phone vibrating in my purse. Of course I didn't even look to see who it was because what we were talking with her about was more important than anything. So when we left I checked my voicemail. It was the assistant principal at G-Man's school. Apparently we forgot to sign his "bad notes"(and I say notes because he had one from PE also) and so they were calling to make sure we signed them tonight. Maybe it just hit me the wrong way, but I really wanted to go to the school and kick her tail! Really just pissed me off because first of all they KNOW what we are going through with him right now and they need to cut him some slack, he CAN NOT control himself. And the note from PE was because he didn't participate in warm ups.....grrrrrr.....we really don't care if he participates in warm ups right now. Sure, if he didn't have ADHD and ODD, then yes, he should participate, but right now don't we have bigger fish to fry than darn warm ups?

I love this blog, I feel much better now! :)

Have a peachy day!

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