Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet G-man!

He melts my heart!

A little info you should know before I tell this story: when G-man is good at school, he gets money for the school store the next day. On this particular day, he had $1 to spend at the store.

Yesterday we were pulling out of the driveway headed to school/work and it looked like it was about to rain. A few weeks ago the boys broke my umbrella, so I didn't have one. I made mention of that to them so they would know that Mommy was gonna get wet! G-man said to me, "Well, I 'm sure you can borrow one from MiMi." I told him that I would just go and buy another one. Without hesitation he said, "Well, I will give you my dollar that I have to spend at the store." Sweetie Petie!

In other news with him, we saw the psychologist last week and SURPRISE he was diagnosed with ADHD. Can you believe it? ha! The only problem is that the medication used to help with ADHD will interfere with his tics...which I am not so sure exsist....and make them worse. We meet back with the other doctor next week to discuss our plan. Which is probably going to be to do a trial run with the medication to see if it makes the tics worse...if it does, then there is pretty much no medication for him.....THAT is going to be bad. We have learned to manage him at, not so much. It scares me because he is REALLY smart and I am not just saying that, he really is and we have been told that by everyone who has come in contact with him. And he can't put his "smartness" to good use if he can't control the ADHD! So, please pray that the medication works!

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