Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chicks and a Bachelor Rant

Before I forget for the millionth time....I forgot to write about the boys' conversation they had on the way to Big Mama's when it was snowing.

Master P: "God made the snow!"
G-Man: "Yep, he sure did! He took rain, mixed in a little milk and then there was snow!"

Those two crack me up!

And, speaking of snow, when I uploaded our pics of snow from this year, I came across one from last year......

I miss him! :(

Last night G-man and the entire Kindergarten performed at the PTO meeting. And before all you grandparents get mad at me for not telling you about it, I forgot about it until the night before and it was too late to try and get in touch with everyone. Josh had court so he couldn't be there so it was just me and the kiddos! The children did a really great job. The play was about farm animals and each class dressed as a different animal...G-man's class were shicks(chicks!). They were adorable! G-man did not like being up there in front of everyone! He wouldn't sing or anything if I was looking at him! All I wanted to do was stare at my cute little chick and I couldn't, becuase when I did, he buried his head and wouldn't do a thing!

(Top row, third from the right)

(Second row from bottom, second from right...head down, mommy watching!)

Now on to the Bachelor. A few weeks ago I decided that I didn't really care for Jason all that much anymore. Don't get me wrong, I didn't miss an episode, but the way he was acting really had me ticked at him! And, well, now I know why! He is a JERK! I wanted to jump through the T.V. and slap him to China. How can you propose to someone and then "take it back" a few weeks later and not even try to work things out? How can you break someone's heart like that Jason Mesnick? You suck. And if he would have "cried" one more time. Ughh! And don't give me anymore of the "doing it for Ty" crap either. Did you see Melissa with Ty? And then Molly with Ty? Hmmm....I'd say he picked a winner on that one! I will say that I am so proud of Melissa for giving it to him when he was breaking up with her...he deserved everything she said to him. I'll shut up now...have a blessed day!

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