Monday, September 26, 2011

Cracker Jack

After Molly died I kind of decided without talking to Josh(because I figured I knew what his answer would be) that we wouldn’t get another dog. We still have three, Daisy and Chippie inside and Niko outside. And three dogs is enough. Plus it hurts so bad when they go to doggy heaven!

Well the day I kind of told myself that we were sitting at my brother’s football game and I noticed Josh playing on his phone. I looked over and he was browsing the Pet Finder App!


So we’ve kind of had our eyes out for a puppy for the last week or so. He wanted a puppy and I wasn’t so sure about that. That puppy stage, while it’s cute and all, is not very fun. You know, with all the whining and tearing crap up! ha! Plus we had to find something that would get along with Niko. He’s easy to get along with but he is HUGE. Several times since we’ve moved I have looked outside and mistaken him for a deer.

Yesterday my sister, Kelsie, called. She and her boyfriend Parker(or Paka if you ask Reece!) were leaving his grandparents’ farm and saw a puppy just laying in the middle of a dirt road. They stopped and fed him a Slim Jim(almost named him that!) and some snack cakes..he was starving! She sent us a picture and of course I was smitten! So, they brought him to us!

Meet Cracker Jack!crakerjack Sorry for the blurry cell phone pic! I’ll get some with my good camera soon..

He’s an Australian Shepard and looks to be about 3 months old or so. I mean WHO could throw him out???? He is VERY lovable and sweet! People are crazy!

Niko LOVES him! He was getting kind of depressed so now he has a playmate! :)

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Lindsay Loo said...

He's cute! I think it's so much better to get a dog who needs a good home & some extra lovin' rather than getting a new cute puppy! Sweet thing!