Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alabama Fabulous

I just asked my hubby to marry me! Of course there are many reasons to marry him all over again but it was brought on by Scot Wedgeworth! about-bio-main image

Oh. My. Word people!

I first heard of him through Officer Hubby! Yep. It’s a funny little story that I shouldn’t post on here because it involves hubby’s job…but he’ll tell you if you ask! Let’s just say that hubs has been in contact with him a few times. Nothing major, so don’t go thinking Scot is a bad person. But Scot did give hubs a business card and tell him about his upcoming reality show on the Food Network called Alabama Fabulous.

So I went to his website…here…and I saw pictures on facebook here of a wedding he did recently. And now I’m in love with his work.

The end!

So if you are getting hitched, I think you should call him! I can’t wait for the show to air in October!

Oh and of course he has a blog!

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