Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reece Said…

I feel like I’ve been blogging a lot about Reece lately..I guess she’s just doing more silly things at her age right now.

She’s been on us like white on rice for a baby sister. We put her off using the excuse that we couldn’t get one until we moved. Now that we’ve moved she’s like “Helllllurrrrrrrrrrrrr, baby sister PULLLLLEASE.”

Until last week.

At which point we were driving down the road-just me and her-and she ever so politely told me that she wants a baby sister AND a baby brother AT. THE. SAME. TIME.

What the what??????????????

And so I said to her that God usually only gives us one at a time and so that was pretty much not gonna happen.

And without ANY hesitation she said to me…

“Oh Mommy! You just gotta eat A LOT so you have two babies in your tummy at one time!”

For reals. Now what?

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