Friday, September 16, 2011

So I had dinner with the Governor(s)!

Last night was the Lincoln Reagan Dinner at The Zone in Bryant-Denny Stadium! I generally don’t get into political mumbo gumbo but it was fun. Our Governor, Dr. Robert Bentley, was honored and the guest speaker was Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi. I could have stuck him in my pocket and brought him home! Super sweet Paw Paw! I didn’t take my camera but I did have my picture taken with both governors and as soon as I get my hands on it I will post!

I went into the night SUPER bummed because my sweet chocolate lab, Molly, passed away sometime yesterday. It really was out of nowhere. She was acting different earlier in the week but she wasn’t acting sick..I really just thought she was pregnant, she had a black lab boyfriend that lives across the street! :) But I guess that wasn’t it. She was almost 10 years old. The best dog ever, really. Labs are SO great with kids. She let Griffin, Peyton and Reece do whatever they wanted to her. She loved them so much. She was also a really loyal dog. If we were outside, she was right by our side. Before we got a riding lawn mower she would cut grass with Josh, taking every step he did.

We’re going to miss her!Picture 002 The only pic I can find at the moment…look how little PeyPey was!!!

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