Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding Pics!

I just realized that I haven’t posted any more pictures from Josh’s brother’s wedding! In my defense I have only had access for a couple of weeks because the photographer had a sweet baby girl not too long after the wedding! These are ALL from the photographer..Jennifer McAteer! Here is her website And you should know that I did get permission from her first!

Do you know how hard it is to get FOUR kids to cooperate?IMG2893-M Groom and his boysIMG3192-M Needs no explanation!wedding 2Bride and her girlsIMG3205-M MY GIRL! :)IMG3256-M Peyton and E IMG3355-M Griffin and ReeceIMG3366-M Groom looking a lil nervousIMG3367-M Here comes the Bride!IMG3376-M IMG3392-M I do I do I do!IMG3401-M Kissy Kiss!IMG3403-M Yay they’re married!IMG3428-M Fam JamIMG3449-M IMG3493-M Who knows??IMG3811-M Sisters!IMG3849-M I heart this pic of us! AND I triple heart that my niece has her tongue hanging out! bhahaha!IMG3893-M Brotherly advice. LOTS of brotherly advice from Officer Hubs..IMG4208-M Janna and her girls. Pretty sure they can make her do anything!IMG4274-M IMG4276-M For real!IMG4281-M And yes, that would be my child doing flips on the dance floor! Griffin..IMG4325-M IMG4326-M IMG4437-M I heart Grandpas!IMG4508-M And may this go down in history as the sweetest picture EVER!IMG4661-M IMG4723-M And I’ll leave you with the four amigos! wedding 1 I really hope the wedding this weekend goes as well as this one did! Lucky for us we live only about a mile from where the wedding will take place!

OH did I mention that the dress lady ordered me a SIZE 14!! bridesmaid dress??? Seriously people. My pants I wear are a size 4. I wear medium shirts. So they had major altering to do and there are two big wads of fabric sewn together under my arms! Yipee!

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