Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Fall Y’all!!

It feels so good outside!(But summertime is still my fav!) I love October! I can’t believe our baby boy will be NINE in a week and a half! This is kind of a brain dump post!

Because if I don’t blog about it, I’ll forget!

*We had our Parent-Teacher conference for Peyton this morning. Josh was sitting in the lobby waiting on me when they did morning announcements…and they announced that Peyton is the top reader in 2nd grade! :)

*The conference went very well. He is the smartest kid in the class(teachers words, not mine!). He is way above grade level on everything. I’ll brag if I want to, it’s my blog!

*We had Griffin’s conference last week. He’s a brilliant kid, too. Got the same comments from his teacher! His ADHD still keeps him off task some, but it’s not holding him back any. Thankfully he is SO smart or we’d be in trouble.

*Griffin is emotional just like his momma. When Molly died he didn’t really seem upset. At the conference, his teacher said that he came to her and cried a little and was telling her about it. That makes me feel so good that he feels like he can go to her!

*April and Josh make smart kids!!!

*For the past couple of years the boys have talked about joining the military. Scares me to death and warms my heart at the same time. Can’t stop them, it’s in their blood on both sides of the family.

*My team beat the pants off of those Florida Gators!!!! ROLL TIDE!

*I did officially decide that Reece needs a sister instead of another brother! :)

Happy Fall, Happy Monday!!!!

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