Monday, October 24, 2011

Jamie’s Baby Shower

This weekend I hosted a baby shower for my best friend, Jamie! She already has a sweet little boy but this time around she’s having a girl! She’ll be here around Reece’s birthday in December. Another Christmas baby :) The boys spent the day with Josh’s Dad and Reece stayed home to “help”! DSC_0991Isn’t his little pink polo the cutest?? DSC_0997 DSC_0998

I love how Reece is giggling in the background…DSC_1000

Little boys are ALWAYS contemplating their next move!DSC_1006


And then he tried to corner Reece behind the chair! This is Jamie saying,”you know her Daddy is a COP! Get back around here!” And I clearly was about to pee in my pants from laughing!DSC_1060

And so he decided to let her go…DSC_1061

But we can still have an arranged marriage, right???DSC_1063 PS-Reece’s scrap skirt was made by her Gigi. Y’all know she had to wear her houndstooth and crimson, it was game day baby! :)

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