Friday, October 28, 2011

Prayers Please :)

My peeps are falling apart!

I blogged a couple of months ago about Gigi(my step-mom) breaking her leg. Well it turns out that it was broken in five places instead of three like we originally were told. And while she’s doing pretty good, she’s still having a lot of issues with it. And she’s still in that boot, you know the big ‘ole black things you see people wearing.

My Mom fell and hurt her arm a couple of months ago, then had a wreck which broke her arm and tore her rotator cuff. She had surgery this past Tuesday to repair all of that. It’s painful, but she’s doing well and went home the next day. It will be three long months before she’s better.

Then on Wednesday night at church Big Mama fell and broke her hip! For those of you who don’t know she’s my VERY independent 83 year-old grandmother! She still lives by herself and everything(my Big Daddy died about 20 years ago). We eat together at least once a week and talk on the phone daily! Anyway, she had to have surgery yesterday to repair her hip. She is in ALOT of pain but she is doing very well. That woman can handle pain better than anyone. Like, she doesn’t even like to take Tylenol! She has a morphine pump and only clicked it ONE TIME last night! SERIOUSLY!

So anyway, I would appreciate if y’all can remember my peeps in your prayers! :)

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Cherry Berry said...

Hope everyone is making it alright! Praying for fast recoveries!!