Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tacky Day

Man, girls are something else!!!! I don’t know if it’s just mine or what! Since Reece’s preschool is on campus, they participate in homecoming festivities. This week they have had a different dress up day each day. Well, today is tacky day.

Yesterday when I picked her up I reminded her that today would be tacky day so we needed to find something tacky to wear.

Me: “Reece, don’t let me forget that tomorrow is tacky day.”

Reece: “I don’t have nufin tacky.”

Amen to that Sister!

So this morning I picked out some clothes for her; a pair of different colored striped shorts and a shirt that had butterflies on it which were different shades of blue. It did not match whatsoever so I thought it would be perfect. I woke the princess up, took her to the potty and then proceeded to put the clothes on her.

Reece: “I don’t want to wear this. It’s yucky.”

Me: “Well it’s tacky day, remember? You are not supposed to be cute!”

She then burst into tears because she didn’t want to be tacky.

For reals.

So we changed and all was well in the world of Reece and she’s probably the only one not tacky at school today. I’m sure she doesn’t care and is looking at everyone else like they are nuts! ha!

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