Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sick as a Dog

Actually, how sick is a dog anyway?? I've had bronchitis or somethingorother all week. Knocked me flat on my tail ya'll! I can usually work when I am sick...not this time.


I'm about to do some really syrupy bragging on my hubs. So, if you tend to be jealous, hit that little x in the top right of your screen!


THANK GOD for my super duper hubby! I seriously couldn't take care of myself all week let alone 3 kids! He cooked, he cleaned, he did everything! I love him. And he must love me too!

And speaking of my fab husband, he has lost 22 pounds in about a month! He runs about 2.5-4 miles a day and has really changed his eating habits. I'm so proud of him! I'll keep you updated on his progress!


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