Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Griffin!

Griffin is seven years old today! Man, that's crazy. Our baby is seven. That's just hard to type! He is such a joy! He loves to be the boss and plan, plan, plan! And he loves being a big brother! He shares his birthday with his Uncle Matt(he used to call him Umple Matt!). And boy let me tell you those two are EXACTLY alike!

We had his party this past Saturday at a local skating rink. It was fun. It was loud!

I called in his birthday to our local radio station this morning. They do birthday's every morning and have a winner for a cake from, in my opinion, the best bakery in town! I counted up and I think I've bought like 18 cakes from them since G was born! ha! Anywho, he won! So he'll have another cake for tonight!

Pics from Saturday...

I'm his favorite!
Baby Girl's playing double airplane!!

Getting sugar from my favorite niece!
"Aunt April's sugar is the best!!"
Two peas in a pod!
G and Aunt Shelby(not technically an aunt but she really is!)
Happy Birthday to ME!
So mad that this is blurry! Aunt Katie and Umple Matt!
Master P skating

Everytime I took his pic he would fall....
She did not feel well and needed Daddy love!(AND that is the only reason she was allowed a passy! Trying to get away from that thing before Noah gets here!!)
Three Amigos!
G and Angel Kitty
Parents-to-be! YAY!
Aunt Janna

Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you oh so much!


Ster said...

Happy Birthday Griffin!! I can NOT believe he is 7 now!!! :))

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Griffin!