Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I feel fat....

Josh has lost like 27 pounds now! YAY for him! I'm so excited that he's so motivated! I just wish I were. When I went to the doctor last week I weighed 125. I know that makes some of you want to slap me, but I need to lose like 15 pounds. And I need to get in shape. Hubby tries to motivate me but then I just tell him that he's calling me fat! ha!

I should really jump on the band wagon with him. He's doing so well with it! But, it's hard for me.

Partly because I love fried pickles. Partly because my sister is pregnant and makes me eat bad stuff with her.(haha!) Partly because I am really tired when I do have time to run/work out. Partly because of Five Guys. Partly because I have a MAJOR sweet tooth.(Candy Corn Hershey Kiss in my mouth RIGHT NOW!)

Maybe I'll get motivated soon!


Beverly said...

I still have not found those stupid hershey kisses! If you come across them again, buy me a bag, please!!

A Wedding Story said...

Oh my goodness...fried pickles are my fav. and making me feel awfully hungry!

Cherish and Adam said...

Umm, I can't find the kisses either!! I have looked EVERYWHERE! That's how bad I want to try them!!
And yes, I want to slap you! Haha! J/K! I would give anything (well not really anything) to weigh 125 pounds! I just can't get motivated either.... Yay for Josh's progress though!