Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Back!

Sorta Kinda.

I would like to direct your attention here. This is what Allison and I had to deal with first thing this morning. Fun stuff. The next time someone tells you, "section 8 guarantees landlords rent" you think of us. 'Cause that ain't so! This particular tenant was not on section 8, but this gives you a great example of what we deal with when it comes to low income people that we mostly deal with! Was that rude?? I didn't mean it to be.

I really thought about going home and taking another shower when we left this house. It's not anywhere near the worst house we've been in and turned but it's still pretty bad!

I'm still working on that other post about my grandmother...I've got to round up some pictures that I want to include!


1 comment :

South Family said...

I would have passed out if I would have walked in that house... seriously! That is so disgusting!