Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

I've been debating on posting about this little issue but after events that happened today, I could not not blog about this!

Peyton is sometimes a little liar! Can you buuulieve that? And he's good at it. I'm not usually a gullible person, but he can convince me that the sky is purple. No joke. He's done this on several occasions lately and today just takes the cake.

Towards the beginning of the school year we were sending $10 per week with each of the boys to school for their lunch. It's supposed to be $2 per day, but evidently they are getting extra stuff and so it costs more. It's hard to keep up with because I don't know how much they spend each day and it varies from day to day. Last year they would put little stickers on the kids when they needed money the next day and that was fabulous! But, they quit doing that this year.(thanks Obama, I'm sure it's his fault) Bummer. About the second or third week of school I received a note home with Peyton from the lunch lady saying that his lunch account was -3.25! Whoops! So, from that day forward I have been sending $20 per week per child. One day last week I remembered that I hadn't sent money all week. I asked the boys if they had lunch money that day and Peyton said, "No, and I didn't get to get dessert because I didn't have any money!" Oh, I felt like C-R-A-P! So, I sent the money the next day and apologized to my sweet little angel for him not being able to have dessert.

Fast forward to this morning.

Reece has been sickly and I was headed to take her to her pediatrician as soon as I dropped the boys off at school. In the middle of my morning pep talk in the car I told the boys to remind me tonight to put some money in their backpacks for lunch. A sweet little voice from the backseat said, "OH MOM!!! They told me yesterday that I would need money today!!" "WHAT? Peyton you have GOT to start telling me and Dad things like that the night before!!!" So, as I am driving down the road, in the rain, running late I dig out my check book. Just dang peachy. There was only ONE check in there and I HAD to have it for the doctor's office! I called Josh and asked him to swing by the school on his way home from work and drop off some money for Peyton for lunch so that my sweet little cupcake would not have to go without any dang dessert. I dropped the boys off and headed to the doctor.

When Josh got to the school he checked the boys lunch accounts. You're not gonna believe it. Peyton had $58 in his account. And Griff had almost as much!

Didn't get dessert. Pshhhh!

That little stink bug. I'm pinching his head off when I get home!

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Cherish and Adam said...

Oh dear! That is hilarious! Well, at least you won't have to send money for a few weeks...haha!