Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun Award!

Thanks to Leslie for this fun award!

The logistics:
  1. Say thanks and give a link to the one who gave you the award.
  2. Share 10 honest things about yourself.
  3. Present this award to 3 other fantastically brilliant blogs of content or design, or peeps that have encouraged you.
  4. Tell those 3 people they've been awarded and make sure they're informed of these guidelines
So, here are 10 honest things about me!
  1. Josh and I feel like we're gettin' kinda old! We both have our 10-year high school reunions this year and well, we're old! 30 is approaching way too fast!
  2. Speaking of Josh, I can not imagine my life without him. He's my best friend and my favorite!
  3. Sometimes when things are calm and quiet around our house I'll sneak up on one of my babies and stare at them without them knowing! They are so perfect! I am so blessed to have THREE of them!
  4. We have 5 dogs, 5 fish and a cat. No, we will never have 5 cats! One's enough, thanks!
  5. I should have learned a long time ago to "never say never"! ha!
  6. I'm about to get my home builders license! woot!
  7. I'm addicted to fried pickles.
  8. I LOOOOVE me some Alabama Football! Roll Tide! Followed closely by the Tampa Bay Bucs, who my hubby LOVES!
  9. I love being married to a police officer. But, I HATE the disrespect that they get....if you get a ticket for speeding, don't be mad at the officer that gave it to you. YOU were the one breaking the law!
  10. I'm addicted to blogging and I love my blog family! :)
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Happy Thursday!

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