Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time is Flying!

Is it just me or has this year flown by? I mean, it's the end of August! I need to start planning Griffin's 7th birthday party! Wow, that was hard to type!

It seems like yesterday that Donna came to our office and told us that she had another grandbaby on the way......baby Keltie will be here tomorrow!!!!! That was the fastest pregnancy ever! I can't wait to meet and hold that sweet little one! I will post some pics hopefully tomorrow! If she is anything like her big sister she'll be here fast! :)

My sister's pregnancy is flying by too! We find out on September 25th what the baby will be! I'm so excited! Josh and I are convinced it's a girl! And we can't wait to tell Brad and Allison, "We told you so!" hee hee! 'Cause that's what brothers and sisters do ya know!

I wish I could make things slow down a bit! I try to absorb every little moment but that's very hard to do these days!

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