Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Question.

Why is it that Peyton thinks he can convince us(Me and Josh) that he wasn't the one doing blah blah when I have a note from the teacher stating so????? Is it because his nickname is Master P??(No, we don't call him that in real life! What are you thinking?ha!) He got in trouble at school yesterday for not minding--imagine that! and for playing when they got to the playground instead of going straight to time-out. He spent a very long time in time-out when he got home because he was really trying to convince us that his teacher was nuts and it wasn't him it was Jordan.

"Peyton, we have a note from Mrs. A. We know what you did!" We said that statement right there about 557 times! No lie!

And, I know I said One Question, but this is MY blog! How can he be a perfect angel one day...he got a WOW card the day before(which they only get if they are SUPER good) and a hellian the next day???? I am confused.

He best be on green light today. That's all I've got to say!