Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A First Grader & A Kindergartener!!

Sigh. Whatever.
Why do they have to grow so fast?! Really, it was just yesterday that we found out we would be having boys 15 months apart! Now they are 5 & 6, almost 6 & 7. I'm sad!
This morning went pretty well! Josh was still at work and was not going to be home in time for the morning rush so I set my alarm for way earlier than normal so that I would have extra time...and ended up being rushed anyway! It all worked out in the end and the boys were close to the first ones in their classes. Allison came and picked up Reece and took her to school...it was much easier not having to carry her around while I was getting the boys settled!
I walked Griffin to his room first and he jumped right in and got to work. It's not gonna be long before he makes me leave my camera at home! Then I walked Peyton to his room. He already knows exactly where to go! He walked right in, said hello to his teacher and waved bye to me! Ahhh! He could have cared less that I was leaving! I'm glad because if he would have been clingy, it would have been so hard to leave! I started to tear up a little when I was walking out of his room, but across the hall is one of my favorite people ever(Griff's teacher from last year) and she quickly cheered me up! As I was leaving the school I started feeling a little sad and then I remembered something very important!!!!!! NO MORE DAYCARE FOR PEYTON! Which also means that our daycare bill each month has been almost cut in half! Whooo hooo!!!

And, ummm, Baby Girl looks like me today and I am REAL excited about that!

One more thing!!!! I would like to direct you attention here because I am in total agreement with this post. I started a post and it pretty much read the same way so there you go!

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