Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been thinking for a couple of weeks about getting a cat. I just want one. Josh doesn't really want us to get one but, I usually get my way. We'll see! I started looking for one yesterday, I guess that's when I officially decided for sure that I wanted one. I got my sister to call around and she found a nice little kitty, black and white. So I called the hubs and he said that we needed to think about it more. huh? What's there to think about? It's a cute little free kitty! So, I agreed and tried to figure out all afternoon how I was going to talk him into it!

Fast foward a couple of hours to when Allison and I were leaving work for the day. As we were walking though the office out the door, we heard a cat meow! That is not too unusual around here because we have a ton of cats that hang around our office. We started walking towards our cars...I got almost to my car and was stunned to see what was sitting there looking at me!!!!!!
It had the prettiest blue eyes! It was just sitting there, under my tire!
If that's not a sign I don't know what is!! I think it may have been the neighbors' cat, so I put it on their porch. I would have taken it had it not been covered, I mean COVERED in fleas!

Here's to hoping the hubby gives in to his favorite wife! hee hee

By the way, Baby Keltie is taking her sweet time! It may be tonight or tomorrow before I get to see her and post pics!

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Beverly said...

LOL!! I swear, somehow that office ATTRACTS cats! But, that could be a sign for you. I mean, what are the odds that as soon as you go looking for a kitten there is one by your car. Remember when I was wanting a cat a while back and little orange kitten showed up at the office and I almost took it home but not too long after that we got one???