Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm better, thanks!

I've slowed down a tad bit but, now I am anxious about the boys starting school tomorrow! We went to open house yesterday. It was crowded and hot! We met both teachers and that made me feel a little better. And it helps that Griffin and Peyton are excited now! A first grader AND a kindergartener???!!!

We went to Josh's parents' house Saturday night for a surprise birthday party for Thomas(Josh's uncle). There were a ton of people there and it was fun! When it was time for cake Paw Paw(Josh's Dad) came out dressed as the grim reaper! It was too funny! The kids swam and swam..they were worn out! Reece is a little water bug...she is not scared AT ALL of the water.

The kicker of the whole day came as we were driving home. Josh was driving and he had the cruise control set on 70 mph. The speed limit was 65 mph. We were just chit chatting when all of a sudden there were blue lights behind us!!! Oh my! And then my responsible police officer of a husband turned to me and said, "I don't even have my license!" I said, "WHAT?!" I quickly turned around to make sure the boys were still buckled, gave them the "mommy look" and told them they better not say a WORD when that officer came to the window! Thankfully we both have police license plates on our cars and as soon as the state trooper came up to the window he asked Josh where he works. Josh told him where he worked and that he didn't have his license. The trooper just told us to have a great night. Josh stopped him and asked him why he pulled us over. He said that we were going 72mph. Soooo, I guess my speedometer is off! As soon as Josh rolled the window up Griffin screamed from the back, "I pooted!!" Now that's funny!

Even with the hubs being a cop, it still freaked my freak to get pulled over! ha!
Griffin, Peyton and Reece were in the pool when the grim reaper made his appearance and didn't even notice. Elaina??? She no lika!!!
Peyton: Just chillin with my lil sis!
Reece: Hey Pey, want to get Dad to turn us in circles real fast and give Mom a heart attack??
Peyton: Oh yea!!
Griffin makes a pretty mean canonball!
Check out THAT icing!
Griff thought his ice cream would do the same! Not so much!
Janna and her friend chunking Elaina in the pool! AND giving her momma a heart attack!
I LOVED that Griff had Eliza there to dish it right back to him! :)

OK, so it looks like she is in there by herself...but she's not!
Sadly, this is the only pic I got of the birthday boy! He was popping balloons while we were singing Happy Birthday!


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