Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This time I'm freakin' YOUR freak!

Here's a little story that I thought ya'll(yep, southern girl talk today!) would find interesting! Share it with your friends and family, especially those wild women you know. It comes from my friend Donna and I'm sure she would want me to share!

Donna's daughter(Vanessa) and her husband(Jeff) had some pictures taken at the beach last summer by a photographer that Jeff knew. He is in the insurance industry and so was this photographer-a woman. Recently Vanessa and Jeff had to go to some sort of insurance convention or something and the woman was there as well. She told them that they were not going to believe what happened to her since they last saw each other. Apparently, she was at the beach with a friend and met a man...I don't know if they met on the beach or in a bar or what...but she liked him and they were kissing on each other. He asked her to go home with him and she told him no and that she wasn't like that.

The next day or so she woke up with a rash around her mouth. She doctored it a few days and it kept getting worse. So, she went to the Dermatologist. He proceeded to ask her who she had been with. She told him the beach story. He asked where the guy lived and she told him that she didn't know, all she had was his name and phone number. The doc said that he needed both to give to the authorites! Come to find out, the rash she had on her face was some sort of flesh eating bacteria, THAT YOU ONLY GET FROM MESSING WITH DEAD PEOPLE. Sooooooooooooooooooo the authorites went to his house and found THREE dead women in there!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, she would have been the fourth! And the flesh eating bacteria is fatal and would have killed her had she not gone to the doctor!

THAT my friends is just another reason not to be leaving the bar and going home with someone! ugh!

Told you I was gonna freak your freak!



Brooke said...

That is so NOT true and that is a story that has been circulating the web! Got to Snopes and they will confirm that I am right and that this is false information! Sorry to burst your bubble!

The Groves' said...

true or not true....still sounds freaky!!! and still reason enough to not be leaving bars with strangers!!!

April said...

This IS actually a true story...came straight from the girls mouth that it happened to.

South Family said...