Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Parties!

I love birthday parties! Especially when they are for my babies! Kelly is hosting a blog carnival today for birthday parties, so if you want to join in, head on over to her blog!

I thought about doing all three kids first birthday parties, but then decided that may be just a tad overwhelming! So, since Reece is the youngest and her party was only about 7 months ago, I'm doing hers!

With her being our only little girl, you know the party was full of pink! I didn't do a theme. After all, I have learned that this will be the only birthday that I get complete sayso over what theme to use! I'm a lover of pink and brown, her nursery is pink and was her party! You'll notice Christmas decorations in the background...her birthday is December 20th! She was the best present EVER!

She wore a cute pink and white tutu with a onesie that had her name and the number one on it....
Oh and with a crown on her hiney!!

Here was the set up in the kitchen complete with a tiny Reece hospital picture!
Reece's cake
I really wanted a three tier cake...but I couldn't make myself pay that much for a cake!
This one is just as cute...1/2 the price!

She LOVES her brothers!

And her Auntie Al.
And me! ha!
By this point, she was tired, sugared up and the tutu was gone!
Cake kisses for mommy...
...and Daddy!
She really didn't get all that messy with her cake...she prefers not to be dirty...she's dainty, what can I say?! I didn't even have to give her a bath when she was done with her cake!

Opening presents...
With her birthday five days before Christmas it's kind of hectic. We did her party on her birthday this year because it was the first. From now on, I refuse to let it get caught up in Christmas and we will be celebrating it on Josh's birthday, December 2nd! :)



Anonymous said...

Great 1st party! And while I understand your dilemma w/a birthday so close to Christmas, I respectfully submit that you can still celebrate "her" day w/o getting overwhelmed w/the big holiday just days away. :) One less topic ("My parents had my parties on my Brother's birthday") for therapy in her later years. Lol.

April said...

Thanks for the input, anon. However, December 2nd is MY HUSBAND'S birthday, not her brother's birthday...I would NEVER make them have the same celebration. Josh WANTS to share his birthday with his baby girl....and we don't usually have parties for parents, therefore she is having her own day...and more people will be able to attend because they won't have Christmas plans.

Allison said...

Anonymous- Maybe you should talk to your therapist about your inability to be an adult and state your name behind a comment like that...

Hayley said...

I love your party - I'm here from Kelly's Korner, it's taking me a lONG time to get to everyone on this hop, but I'm determined, as MY Reese turns one next month! I am doing pink and b&w zebra print for her party ( I also have 2 older boys and feel the need for much pink!) and she will be wearing a tutu. I love the onesie you had on your Reece and was curious how you made it - did you have it made? use iron ons? where do you get letters? any advice? Your family is very cute! thanks for any help you can give!