Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well dang!

Short post. It's Thursday. I'm Busy.

I found out this morning that the class rolls for the upcoming school year were posted on the boys' school website. Peyton didn't get the teacher that Griff had last year. :( He still got a great teacher, but now we have to get to know TWO new teachers instead of just one! Better get used to that! And it looks like Griff got a brand new teacher...which I think may be a great thing! Only bad thing is, the school had to add five portable classrooms and of course the new teachers got most likely, he'll be in a portable. ugh!

Pey's last day at preschool is tomorrow. He will have a week and a couple of days to have a nice break before school starts. I'm a little sad. I'm gonna be a train wreck the first day of school!

Our babies are growing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Did you see my tweet? Josh has an interview at TPD this morning! :) :) :)

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