Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just call him....

On the way home yesterday afternoon I got the craving. If you live around here you'll know exactly what I mean....Taco Casa was calling my name! So, Peyton, Reece and I swung through the drive through.(I got in trouble with Brooke for eating it last night, she thought that meant I wouldn't eat it today when they have the wrong, I WILL be eating there again today!) While sitting in the drive though line here's my conversation with Peyton:

Peyton: Mommy, what's my nickname?
Me: PeyPey is what we mostly call you....
Peyton: NO, mom. WHAT'S my nickname?
Me: PeyPey!!!
Peyton: Well, I don't want that to be my nickname anymore!
Me: Why?
Peyton: 'Cause I don't.
Me: Ok, well what do you want your nickname to be?
Peyton: Cornbread.

I almost peed my pants!


Leslie @ Lamberts Lately... said...

What sale? Taco Casa on sale and I'm SO there!

Beth said...

love, Love, LOVE taco casa. last time i was in town i ate it four days in a row! haha! i'm a little obsessed!

Brooke said...

Cornbread?!?! Hahaha... I almost peed in my pants just reading the blog!

Maddy said...

thats funny.... cornbread!:~)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

that is TOO funny!!