Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Planning

At Bunco last week we were talking about babies, being pregnant and some girls were talking about when they planned to start having babies. One of the girls mentioned that sometimes things just don't go as planned and I smiled....because we all know we've had two surprises, so far :) I have the most children out of everyone in the group and one of the girls asked how old we were when we started having kids. 20!!! We were 20!!! Man, that's young! I then proceeded to tell her that Peyton was actually our biggest surprise.(at least it was for me, maybe the hubby will weigh in on that one...can't get him to blog for nothin'!) I told the story and thought, "That's going on the blog!"

Griffin was 6 months old or so and had gone to bed for the night. My neck was hurting(old cheerleading injury that has stuck) and so I took a Lortab and planned to sleep really well! Not. So. Much. I puked all night long. Every hour, on the hour, I was throwing up. It was terrible. I stayed home the next day from work and Josh took Griff to daycare. All throughout the day I felt terrible. Finally that afternoon I told Josh to take me to the emergency room because I was pretty sure that I was dehydrated. My entire body was throbbing with pain and I couldn't be still...I had to be moving around constantly. When I walked through the emergency room doors I guess you could tell I needed immediate attention and I was rushed to the back. The nurse put my IV in and started giving me fluids...right after she took some blood! I was then pumped full of pain medicine and off to sleep I went. After a nice long nap and a full bag of fluids I was feeling much better. Josh left the room for some reason or another and meanwhile the doctor came in....with TWO nurses.(I guess they thought I might pass out from what they were about to tell me!)

Doctor: "Mrs. C, the other Dr. decided that since you have been throwing up so much he would go ahead and do a pregnancy test. You said that you had a period about 3.5 weeks ago, right?"


Doctor: "Well the test came back positive!"

Me:"Ummm...WHAT?!?! But I have a 6 month old!!!"
One of the nurses looked at me and said, "It will be fine, the same thing happened to me and look at my two girls!!" And she showed me a picture of them.

Me:" husband is out in the hall somewhere....please go find him and send him in here NOW!"

A few minutes later Joshy Poo walked in the room. I had an enormous smile on my face and he looked at me puzzled.

Me: "I'm pregnant!!"

hahahahaha! It's so funny now, but at the time, we were really not sure what the heck was going on! And for the record, I was on birth control pills....they ARE only 99% effective!

And 9 months later we were holding this sweet little man.....


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i had no idea the boys were that close in age. that must have been quite a shock!! but a great one. :)

The Guy Family said...

Girl, I am right there with you. I was on the pill when we found out about this baby too. I guess that it doesn't really matter what you are doing to "prevent," when God is ready to give you a baby, it's coming!!!!