Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Monday.

I really dislike Monday. I rush around like it's nobody's business...rush to get dressed, rush to get the kids dressed and fed, rush them to school, rush to work, rush around all day at work, rush to pick the kids up from school, rush home to get them fed and bathed, rush them to bed...gah, rush rush rush!

That's what I was thinking when I got to work. And then I checked on Stellan and had a reality check. I need to stop rushing and be happy to just have three happy, healthy children and a wonderful husband that I adore! So what if I have to rush around a little, that comes with the territory!

MckMama tweeted about an hour ago and said that her family was on the way to the hospital and that she didn't know what was happening. It really is not looking good for baby Stellan. And that really makes me sad. How can I feel so sad for someone I don't really "know", you ask? It all goes back to the blog family that I have talked about before!

So, my friends, today when I leave work I will rush to pick my babies up and I will give them plenty of extra love tonight!


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