Monday, June 22, 2009

Summertime Fun!

I love Summer...except for this Alabama humidity! And I especially love the beach. Never would have guessed, would you?! I decided to listen to Motherly Instinct this trip and take all the things she told me to take. But, then I forgot to take them! Geeze! And, you guessed it, somebody got sick. Shocking, I know! Griffin ran a fever Saturday afternoon/night. The boys rarely get sick...just when we are out of town. So, we bought medicine and left it at the beach crib this time...along with the third bottle of Aloe that we have bought this year! Photography by April was closed for the weekend! I did not take one. single. picture. Can you believe it? Josh took a few Sunday when we were beaching it with my parents, little sister and little brother...that aren't little. Did you catch that?
This is not my little brother building a sand castle on his body! Geeze Kody!

I'm pretty positive that she is the most beautiful little girl eva!

Notice her hair getting blonde??

Finally putting on a little weight!

And, who knows what Master P was doing here!


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