Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All things baby....**updated**

**Updated at the bottom**

Our baby wall is complete....for now anyway!

I had to buy new frames for the boys' pictures so that all three would match and last night the hubby got them all hung! And, yes, there's room for more. But not right now....BECAUSE IT'S MY SISTER'S TURN!!!!!!! I'm sure you have all figured it out by now but we couldn't officially say anything until today....after her first doctor's appointment. So, around Valentine's Day, I will be an aunt again...holding a sweet little one in my arms!
Sweet Tiny Reece
Everyone wants it to be a girl and everyone has their own reasons. My reason is Reece has a playmate. If it's a boy, she will still have a playmate but Griffin and Peyton have each other so we need another girl. And I need somewhere for all these cute girly things to go!
But, when everyone got to the office this morning....we ALLLLLL had on blue! How did that happen? (for those of you who don't already know, Allison and I work together) Anyway, be it a girl or a boy, this little one is coming into a family with a ton of love waiting on it!

Update-I just realized that it sounded kind of funny saying that Reece needs a girl playmate and I already have a sweet baby niece,Elaina. I absolutely have not forgotten about's just that Allison and I are together ALL THE TIME so this baby will be around Reece all the time too!

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