Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I said I wouldn't.....

....blog about Jon and Kate. Or Kate Plus 8 as it's going to be now. I haven't watched last nights episode yet(it comes on too late so I have to DVR and watch it later), so my opinion may change after I hear what they have to say. BUT, I do know one thing, before people start doing all these fertility drugs and yayaya...they really need to think! Now those EIGHT kids are in a broken home. That is really sad to me. Jon should have thought about Kate being a bossy crab before he married her and before they had babies. That is her personality and that is how she is. Not that I agree with her talking to him like she does/did or "wearing the pants" like she does but he really needs to think about what he is doing and how this will affect his children.

I'm sure there will be more on this tomorrow!



Brooke said...

Amen sista! But it comes on at 7 or 8pm...That's late?!?! You are crazy :)

Brooke said...

If he did that I am afraid when the preacher says "Does anyone object?" all the girl would because they would be jealous :)