Thursday, June 25, 2009

Man oh man....ONLY me!

So, I sort of ran out of gas this morning. You see, I am VERY dependant on my low fuel light. I rarely get gas until it comes on.(I'm a woman, don't hate!) Yesterday, I noticed that the gas was getting low and that I hadn't got gas since before we came home from the beach on Sunday. Most of you would have high tailed it to the nearest gas station---not me, that makes too much sense people! The light wasn't on, I was good to go! This morning I was on I-359(busy, busy!) headed to drop Peyton and Reece off at school when my car/truck/whateveryouwanttocallit started s-l-o-w-i-n-g down. I thought, "Oh no! Something is wrong with my car!" I pulled to the side of the road, turned the flashers on, said a quick prayer that we didn't get run over and called the hubs.

ring ring ring
Griffin: Hello.
Me: I need to talk to Daddy quick. It's an emergency.
Griffin: Oh Mom! Ok!
Griffin: Daadddddddddyyyyyyy, it's Mom, it's an emergency!!!!
Josh: Hello.
Me: Hey babe, we're ok, right now. My car, not so much. It just quit! The check engine light is on and some red light is on. I know my gas was getting low, but the light wasn't on!
Josh: It's ok. Just turn it off and then try to turn it back on.
Me: Please Please work! And it did! Phew! I will just putt putt to the gas station and go ahead and get gas, maybe it's just freakin it's freak because it's low.....
Josh: Probably so.(I know he was thinking, "Women."and probably rolling his eyes!)

I drove along to the gas station which wasn't very far and put 22.5 gallons of gas in it! By far the most that I ever have!! So, yes, technically I ran out of gas!

I will never depend on that light again, ever!!!!!


Brooke said...

I would have so loved to seen your face during all of this comotion!

The Groves' said...

You're not the only woman that does that!! LOL. I do it ALL THE TIME!! I ran out of gas downtown a few years ago, and you think I would have learned my lesson then.... Some of us never learn... LOL