Monday, June 8, 2009

Giving Back

As you can imagine with two children in daycare we do not have much money for giving back/donating. In fact I will straight up tell you that our daycare bill is $1000 per month! Yikes, I know! (That is the ONLY reason I am excited about Peyton starting Kindergarten!) I have found a few ways to give back without necessarily spending money.

The biggest thing I do is collect box tops for Griffin and now Peyton's school. The school gets 10 cents per box top. Sometimes products will have up to three box tops on them. That is 30 cents of your purchase going straight to the school! Since 2002 the school has earned $20,161 just from box tops! Last year they earned $2903. A little bit can go a long way and you are just cutting the tops of boxes! Go here for a list of products that have the tops. And, if you don't have a child in school, I am sure that there is a local school around you that would LOVE to have them or send them to me! No excuses people, NONE! I have friends that give them to me all the time! Now scurry off to your pantry, I'm sure you have about 10-15 in there that you don't even know about!Here are my tops I have collected over the past few months....

Uh-huh, that's $10.20!

The other thing I am about to start doing is Tide Loads of Hope. Tide will donate 10 cents of every purchase to the program which basically goes to wherever disasters are and does laundry for people in during hurricanes and such. Be sure to buy the yellow cap Tide! I hope this one works out for us, the hubby's skin is very sensitive to change. I'm hoping since we already use Tide(just not yellow cap), it'll be fine!

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beth ewing said...

how cool to find another Ewing. i don't think you're related to my husbands family though as most of the Ewing's are in the Jacksonville, FL area. he's not all that close to that side of the family so i've never really met any of them.