Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Monday's roll around way too often if you ask me! Head over to MckMama's to find out how you can join in on the Not Me! Monday fun. It's great therapy, especially for those who have children. You know when you have those "I did not just let my child do that" moments!

Here are my Not Me's! for the week, in pictures, no less!

Baby Girl does NOT have a new habit. This habit does not include two passy's in her mouth at one time! How would they both fit?!?!
While taking this pic I was NOT driving down the road. I am married to a police officer for crying out loud! After taking her pic there was not someone else bouncing around in the back seat wanting his picture taken as well....
Griffin having pneumonia did not keep us all cramped up in the house alllll weekend which inturn did not spark Cooking with Kids 101. There is not a post coming on that later today or tomorrow!
These are not rocks from one of my neighbors flower beds that our boys did not decide to line up on our window! And that was not about two weeks ago and we have not just left them there because we have not had time to do anything with them!

When I went outside to take the above picture I did NOT almost step on this:
That's right.......frog poop! There is no way that a frog could poop that big! I know that is not what you are saying! Trust came from a big ole' bull frog that lives in my flower bed. I haven't been able to take his pic yet, but I will. And I hope he lives there for a very very long time. He sits out there at night and eats bugs and by the looks of things, he's doing a great job! ha!

Hope everyone has a happy week!


Heather said...

Tell the boys to come on down the street to my house & get all the rocks they want! We are trying to get rid of the rocks in the flower bed & the ones between the sidewalk & the house....

Allison said...

You have the most random weird things going on at your house!

Jenilee said...

frog poop? hilarious! well, I can laugh because we have some crazy creatures living in our home right now too. :) and the pacis. 2 at a time? how cute!